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All kinds of covers

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Aden & Anais classic cover changing mat Twinkel Grey
24.50€ Ex Tax: 24.50€

Aden & Anais Aden & Anais cover changing mat twinkle grey Aden and Anais this classic twinkle grey cover changing mat, is made of muslin, tetra very fine woven cotton, 100% organic. The Aden and Anais covers are very soft and perfect for the skin of your baby when you change him on this cover of Aden and Anais. The more you wash this cover the softer he gets. He fits all standard changing mat.Looking for an original birth gift? With this gift of Aden and Anais you score definitely! Pa..

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Aerosleep cover car seat
19.95€ Ex Tax: 19.95€

The aeromoov air layer is specially designed to ensure that your child does not sweat in the car seat. The soft inlay with air permeable layer keeps your baby fresh and dry throughout the ride, even on summer days. The insert consists of Aerosleep 3D technology, so your child is airy and fresh. As well as a layer of organic cotton that is soft and washable at 40 ° C. Apertures were provided to pass the belts so that it is 100% safe for your kids...

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Aerosleep mattress protector
25.00€ Ex Tax: 25.00€

Thanks to Aerosleep his unique mattress protector, your baby can sleep safely and hygienically throughout the night. An open 3D structure ensures that babies can always breathe freely and not get in their beds. An absorbent layer absorbs all moisture.  A maximum air circulation ensures that that moisture evaporates quickly. The bottom layer is waterproof and brings stains and bacteria on the mattress. The mattress protector is washable at 60 ° C. A too heavy fitted sheet can prevent good..

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Koeka cover changing mat Valencia
57.95€ Ex Tax: 57.95€

Koeka cover changing mat ValenciaThis care changing cover Valencia by Koeka is made of a coarse knit, a purl stitch, finished with beautiful white decorative stitches. This whole makes for a tough and yet beautiful view. Because of the opening at the back this cover is very easy to place over the changing mat. The Koeka nursing pillow covers are silky soft and perfect for your baby's skin when you change it. In the series of Koeka Valencia various products are available, such as the crib blan..

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Koeka cover cushion Valencia
41.95€ Ex Tax: 41.95€

Koeka cover cushion ValenciaThe cushion cover Valencia from Koeka is a beautiful cushion cover as decoration in the home, in the living room or in the bedroom. Thanks to the hidden zipper, the pillow is easy to get in and out of the cover, making the cover easy to wash. This cushion cover is made of a knit with thick stitch, which gives a very cozy effect. The covers are available in different colors. Looking for an original birth gift for mom or dad? With this gift from Koeka you will certain..

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Koeka cover Maxi Cosi terry
49.95€ Ex Tax: 49.95€

Koeka cover Maxi Cosi terryThe Maxi Cosi cover is a handy cover for your baby's Maxi Cosi. The part where your baby is located is developed in a fine soft teddy fabric. By choosing one of the different colors, you make your Maxi Cosi look special. The cover is suitable for the Maxi Cosi with a three-point belt and can easily be placed over the Maxi Cosi and secured with cords and elastics on the side. Very useful when the cover needs a wash! Looking for an original birth gift? With this gift ..

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Koeka cover stroller terry Florence
34.50€ Ex Tax: 34.50€

Koeka cover stroller terry Florence The Koeka buggy cover Florence is a cover in terry cloth that can be used over different universal strollers. It is a cover that is especially nice in warm weather. He is absorbing fluid and nice and soft but in addition the stroller is also protected against dirt. This cover creates a unique buggy look! The prams for which this cover can be used are a three-point belt pram and a five-point belt pram. The buggy inlay Florence is a similar product that fits a..

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Koeka inlay pillow stroller Florence
48.95€ Ex Tax: 48.95€

Koeka inlay pillow stroller Florence The Koeka stroller pad is a cushion specially designed for the pram for a better seating comfort for your child. The cushion is ideal in warm weather and absorbs moisture, it is soft and the pillow will also protect your pram against dirt. Should the insertion pad become dirty by accident, this can easily be cleaned. At the bottom of the inlay there is an elastic band so that the insert stays in place when folding and unfolding the pram. Looking for an or..

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