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Lilliputiens Farmfriends

Lilliputiens Farmfriends
Lilliputiens game farm
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LilliputiensLilliputiens Game farmThis six soft and cute colored friends from the farm have turned into a tough farmers' bowling game. With the soft ball you throw Jef the dog over and in no time Vicky drops the cow? This bowling game helps in the development of motor skills, grasping and throwing, and stimulates the recognition of colors and animals. This Lilliputiens cone game lies perfectly in the hands of your child.A fun traveltoy or thaking with you when visiting Grandma and Grandpa! Fro..

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Lilliputiens storage panel farm Lilliputiens
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LilliputiensLilliputiens storage panel farm LilliputiensLilliputiens storage panel farm. This colorful storage Panel is easy to confirm on the car seat. It contains a lot of great and small boxes to storage  the stuff of the small passenger. Your great treasure will always have his favorite toys on hand during car rides. Fun guaranteed! Arrived at destination the panel can in an instant be taken with you. All bags and school bags from Lilliputiens are water resistant. Starting from + 0 m S..

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Lilliputiens the farm
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LilliputiensLilliputiens the farmThe Lilliputiens farm is a portable house that you can easily take with you when you go out with your little one. On holiday with grandmother or grandfather on, your big treasure carries this farm easily thanks to the handle. Farmer Jan lives on the farm together with all his friends including Jef the dog, Vicky the cow, Ophélie the chicken, Nicky the duck, a little sheep and pig. Pull open the door of this beautiful farmhouse and discover the atmosphere and atm..

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